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Custom Electrical Panel Upgrades in Surrey

If you are experiencing electrical problems in your house for the first time where you notice flickering lights or you have to switch off an appliance in order to use the other and so on, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade the electrical panel in your house.

For your entire  home electrical needs, including electrical panel upgrades in South Surrey count on Evanson Electric Ltd. to keep you current! We serve homeowners throughout Greater Vancouver and surrounding areas. 

What Is Electrical Panel Upgrade? 

Your home has multiple electrical points for you to access electricity. For this to happen, an electrical panel would have divided the incoming electrical power from the grid to subsidiary units so that it can be distributed throughout the building.

Service Upgrades and Inspections

Buying a home? We are a PowerCheck-approved electrical contractor and can provide electrical inspections and electrical panel upgrades in South Surrey to keep your system safe and efficient. Our electricians are experts in knob and tube wiring, as well as aluminum wiring.

Our residential electrical services include:

  • Upgrades and panel upgrades

  • 200 AMP Service Panel

  • Custom new homes

  • Renovations – kitchen, bathrooms, basements

  • Electrical inspections

  • Pools and hot tubs

  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

  • Surge protection 

Be sure to look into the expansion of electrical panel upgrades when you are adding more appliances such as the heating, ventilation and air conditioner systems so that there will be proper distribution of the electric supply and it does not harm your daily activities. 

It is recommended that you upgrade the electrical panel every 25-30 years. Reach out to Evanson Electric Ltd today! We also extend our services to commercial, retail outlets and even apartments in South Surrey.

Contact Us Today

Call us  to learn more about electric service and panel upgrades in South Surrey, Greater Vancouver and surrounding areas. Contact us today to get started on your next electrical projectelectrical project

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