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Electrical Inspections

Reliable Electrical Inspections in Vancouver

Evanson Electric Ltd. is licensed to do insurance inspections for electrical systems in both residential and commercial/strata properties. Homeowners and real estate agents often request these prior to sale and insurance companies when determining coverage. Evanson Electric Ltd. is licensed and does electrical inspections in Vancouver (including West and North Vancouver), Delta, Surrey, Langley and beyond.

Licensed electricians go through extensive on-the-job education to provide specialized electrical services that utilize the right equipment and training to perform the work safely. If your commercial or residential property is undergoing any construction, renovation, remodel or upgrade, you will need to have electrical inspections performed by our professionals. At Evanson Electric Ltd., our team of knowledgeable electricians can ensure your Surrey property is up to code with commercial electrical safety inspection. We will work with you to perform inspections with diligence and attention to detail to keep you informed about your business’s electrical system.

Signs You Require an Electrical Inspection

As the term suggests, an electrical inspection refers to the examination of your entire electrical system by an electrician. There are several reasons to get an electrical inspection, such as:

  • Purchasing a home: A home is a significant investment, and it requires due consideration. While an assessment of the structure of the property is essential, an examination of the electrical system is pivotal to ensure that it is safe to occupy. This will also help you decide whether the home is worth the investment.

  • Age of the property: If you own a property older than 30 years or are considering buying one that falls under that category, an electrical inspection is crucial. Over time, a property's electrical system can wither, and its wires can become compromised.

  • Renovations: Are you planning on undertaking a home renovation? An electrical inspection will help ensure your current electrical system works with the new additions. This will also help you make informed decisions about the features you add to your renovations.

  • Insurance: In some cases, your insurance provider might ask you to carry out an electrical inspection. Professional electricians can help you meet the demands of your insurance provider and prepare a report for you.

  • Electrical problems: If you notice anything amiss with your electrical system, you should consider an inspection. We recommend paying attention to the following signs:

    • Sparks

    • Exposed wiring

    • Unusual noises

    • Flickering lightning

    • Burning smells

Would you like to learn whether you require an electrical inspection in Vancouver and the surrounding areas? Please speak to our team. Besides this, we provide a range of commercial services.

Get in Touch With Us for an Electrical Inspection in Vancouver

At our company, we're always welcoming new clients. Our professional electricians can provide reliable services, whether you're a homeowner or a commercial property manager. We will carry out a thorough inspection of all the components of your electrical system and ensure that it is safe and efficient.

Typically, an electrical inspection should be performed once every 10 years. Please contact us to schedule an electrical inspection with us. You can learn more about us by viewing our gallery.

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Ensure your electrical system is up-to-date with our reliable electrical inspections in Vancouver.

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